I love working for West USA Realty of Prescott

"I love working for West USA Realty of Prescott because they provide you with help, the tools to succeed and guidance whenever it is needed. They also have many helpful training courses and the Sell Well program to use in your business. My first year I sold over $2.6 Million in sales. Plus the leads I receive every month are amazing. Just last month I listed 4 new listings.” Debbie Davey – REALTOR 
 I joined West USA Realty of Prescott in January 2021 after months of careful research, and I’m SO glad I did! Of all of the Brokerage’s that I spoke to, Cindy Eastwood is the Broker that set the bar for all others! She is the epitome of everything a Broker should be. Conscientious, Knowledgeable & Caring. She REALLY CARES about each and every one of her agents, and goes above and beyond to make herself available no matter what crazy time of the day or night we call on her for any reason. As a Non-Competing Broker, she is truly our biggest Cheerleader. With West USA Realty of Prescott’s New Agent training and ongoing support, in my first 6 months I have already closed well over 1.5M,  currently have an additional 1.9M in Escrow, and another 1.9M in Listings!  In a world full of so many Brokerage choices, West USA Realty of Prescott is hands down, the best choice. Christine Sirochman, REALTOR®

I am so pleased that I am with West USA Realty of Prescott

I was a new agent searching for the right place to land. A place that would help me grow and learn fast and effectively. I had a very profitable career so I was in no hurry and wanted to make sure I made the right choice when I chose a brokerage. I met with a total of 22 brokers. Asked a million questions. I received my license in July 2020 and weighed my options until I made a choice at the end of September 2020 (so you know I was picky). I found myself thinking most of the companies where not telling me all of the information. Most of them were hiding something from me. I met with West USA in September and did my same routine tons of questions. To my surprise every single question was answered. It was a pleasant surprise to not feel as if i chose them as a brokerage I would be coming on and then shocked as to the way they worked. Cindy Eastwood and Mike Eastwood were so bluntly honest about how they worked and what they offered it was refreshing. I had a choice to make between them and another online brokerage. I chose West USA and have never been happier in my choice. From day one I was given the support and backup I was promised from our initial meeting. I have closed six properties and have had no open questions at the end. The support I have been given from the entire company has been unbelievable. I can’t imagine where I would be if i had chose another company to start this new chapter in my life with! I haven’t thought not once maybe I should have went with someone else. There has been no doubts or questions in my mind about the oh so many I interview. I can’t imagine being anywhere but my West USA home! If you are a new agent or even a seasoned agent honestly West USA is the best place to be. My broker is there every day to answer any question and assist me in building my business! I have heard many horror stories about other places and I am so pleased each time I hear another one about my choice! Chelsea Douglas -  REALTOR®

Always ready with some 'next steps!“

"When I first received my license, I chose a different brokerage to hang it with. I quickly realized that my broker was a competing broker. This meant that on occasion, she would be in a vehicle with buyers, and unavailable for questions. Or she would show up late for meetings with me. When I figured this out, I immediately remembered how kind and encouraging Cindy at West USA Realty of Prescott was when we first met. I set up a meeting, explained my concerns, and shortly after my license was hung with her instead. Since that moment, she has been constantly available for questions, has been clear with instructions, and is always ready with some 'next steps.“ Natania Dryer - REALTOR

Cindy and Mike are a joy to work with!

"I moved my license back to West USA after having been at another office for two main reasons. First, the help and support I receive here at West USA Realty of Prescott is unparalleled. Cindy and Mike are a joy to work with, and are always ready to help in any way possible. The other agents here are awesome as well, and I appreciate everyone’s welcoming smile and eagerness to share knowledge and resources.” Terri Schuler - REALTOR

It’s like a big family here to help me succeed!

“Working with West USA Realty of Prescott has been the best move I ever made. The support I receive from the Broker and office staff is valuable and helps my business grow. It’s like a big family here to help me succeed.” Gordon B Sampson - REALTOR

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