How Winston and Cowboy Mike Teach Us How to Have a Productive Day

How Winston and Cowboy Mike Teach Us How to Have a Productive Day

It may seem an outlandish idea to enhance productivity through pets, but it is very effective. Have you seen a horse taking a bath while the owner takes a nap in the haystack? Probably not. Pets must be looked after throughout the day, cleaned, fed, and sheltered to live a happy and healthy life.


Cowboy Mike also feeds, bathes, and provides shelter for Winston. Taking care of Winston keeps him busy throughout the day. Winston is his motivation to wake up and put on his boots and hat. Pets bring comic relief and improve our mood. They make us smile and forget our troubles. Most importantly, they teach us how to be productive. Here is how Winston and Cowboy Mike teach us productivity in their adventure, A Day In the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston.


Keeping a Schedule

You will rarely find birds looking for food or flying in the sky at night. That’s because animals thrive on structure; they have a fixed time for resting, eating, and sleeping – they are better at it than us. Having an animal with a structured way of life can help pet owners adopt these healthy habits.


In the book, A Day In the Life Of Cowboy Mike and Winston, the author, Michael D. Eastwood, teaches children the importance of time management through Winston and Cowboy Mike. Like Cowboy Mike, who develops the habit of following the clock to care for Winston, children can also learn about time management and utilization.


Being Ready For Surprises

Life with pets is never dull. One moment you water the plants in your garden; the next, you giggle because your pet did a silly belly roll. They make even the most mundane tasks fun with their adorable tricks. Like how Winston makes Cowboy happy with his neighs and snorts when he rubs his face with affection and wiggles his tail at the sight of food.


The Perfect Distraction

The hurry and scurry of life can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you are stressed. Pets can be the perfect distraction for such times. Looking after them can relieve stress and reduce loneliness and the flow of intrusive thoughts.


Motivation to Keep Going

Do you know pets are also motivational speakers? Their meows, barks, and chirping motivate us to keep going! Their unconditional love makes us feel better about ourselves; it puts us in a better headspace. They boost their owner’s morale and help them become better people to care for them.


Michael D. Eastwood is Teaching Children How to Be Productive!

Michael D. Eastwood, with his book, A Day In the Life Of Cowboy Mike and Winston, is teaching children how to spend quality time with their pets. He wants the little ones to bond with animals as Cowboy Winston cares for his pet pony Winston. He also wishes to raise awareness about ponies and horses through his stories. If your child loves reading about animals, then Michael D. Eastwood’s children’s book is the perfect read to introduce friendly ponies to them. Grab your copies from Amazon today. To learn more visit