About Us

Michael D. Eastwood

Chief Executive Officer

A Dynamic Business Leader Driving Success Across Industries

Michael, a highly accomplished and successful business leader, brings a wealth of experience from diverse sectors. With a proven track record in manufacturing, real estate, transportation, chambers of commerce, hospitality, day/med spas, and distribution retail operations, Michael's expertise spans both domestic and international markets. As a published author, seasoned executive, and board member of multiple companies, he possesses a unique acumen for business development.

With his vast experience, Michael has earned a reputation for leading turnarounds in nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and companies with substantial annual sales exceeding a quarter billion dollars. His remarkable ability to steer organizations to success has garnered him trust and accolades within the business community.

While not a licensed real estate agent, Michael's involvement in company boards ensures comprehensive representation for local business leaders and promotes integrity and added value within the community. As a professional speaker and author of six books, including a highly acclaimed business publication, he has made a significant impact on the business world, with his work ranking among the top 100 business books on Goodreads.

Michael's core competencies encompass a wide range of strategic business aspects, such as forging strategic partnerships, managing global operations, driving new agent business development, providing executive direction, optimizing sales and revenue, implementing organizational restructuring, demonstrating international business acumen, leveraging sales and marketing expertise, conducting a thorough analysis, devising effective strategies and action plans, and propelling brand and market advancement.

In his role as an executive leader, Michael excels at applying his innovative vision and leadership skills to elevate market position, expand market share, and drive revenue growth across diverse industries. With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully inspired and developed businesses, strengthened economies, held P&L accountability, managed finances, achieved strategic planning milestones, and facilitated collaboration to build strong relationships, foster effective communication, and establish valuable event partnerships. Additionally, Michael brings 15 years of consulting and executive coaching expertise, advising businesses of all sizes, including franchises, retail operations, and professional sports teams. His strategic guidance encompasses areas such as ticket pricing, contract negotiation, advertising strategies, staffing recruitment and retention, business development, and transforming real estate agents into top producers.

Michael's areas of specialization include new business development, global operations management, maximizing sales and revenue, restructuring organizations for growth, driving revenue and profit growth, providing executive direction, forging strategic partnerships, delivering comprehensive sales and marketing training, fostering agent business development, strategic planning, coaching, and training.

With Michael's profound expertise and proven track record, he stands as a catalyst for growth, profitability, and success in any business endeavor.

Cynthia M. Eastwood


A Highly Experienced and Respected Real Estate Broker Driving Growth and Success

Cynthia, a highly esteemed real estate broker, brings over 16 years of invaluable industry experience to the table. Throughout her illustrious career, she has held leadership positions with multiple brokerages, successfully overseeing and managing more than 80 agents across three branch locations. Cynthia is renowned for her profound knowledge, unwavering reliability, and impeccable trustworthiness, consistently propelling business organizations toward continuous growth and resounding success.

Cynthia's core competencies encompass various key areas, including new business development, effective management of real estate brokerages, sales leadership, driving revenue and market growth, strategic restructuring, spearheading new business directions, implementing growth initiatives, orchestrating product launches, upholding P&L accountability, optimizing membership sales, orchestrating multi-retail operations, and proficiently managing HR and staffing for day/med spas.

As a distinguished executive boasting 25+ years of experience, Cynthia has successfully led all aspects of operations for companies, expanding their presence in domestic markets, generating impressive revenue figures, and achieving overarching organizational goals. Her proven track record includes proficiently managing annual budgets and P&L responsibilities for organizations with revenues surpassing a quarter billion dollars. Cynthia's decision-making process is rooted in concrete facts, and she possesses a hands-on leadership style that fosters high performance and motivation within teams. Her ability to rally individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets around common objectives and strategies consistently exceeds client expectations.

Cynthia's specialties encompass a broad range of expertise, including her proficiency as a real estate broker, her prowess in new business development, contract negotiations, training and coaching, maximizing sales and revenue, implementing strategic restructuring, driving revenue and profit growth, overseeing training and development initiatives, forging strategic partnerships, leveraging sales and marketing expertise, and delivering impactful strategic planning.

In conclusion, Cynthia's vast experience and remarkable skill set position her as an invaluable asset within the real estate industry. With her strong leadership acumen and a proven track record of driving growth and success, she remains dedicated to propelling business organizations to new heights.