About Us

Michael D. Eastwood

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a successful and accomplished business leader with extensive experience in various industries. Michael is a published author, seasoned executive, and board member of multiple companies with a unique acumen for business development. He has worked in manufacturing, real estate companies, transportation, chamber of commerce, hospitality, day/med spas, and distribution retail operations management in myriad industries domestically and internationally. With a track record of managing nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and companies with over a quarter billion in yearly sales, Michael has gained a reputation for being highly trusted and accomplished in business turnarounds.

While Michael is not a licensed real estate agent, he has extensive experience sitting on company boards of directors to ensure a comprehensive representation of local business leaders while advancing integrity and added value in the community. He is a professional speaker and has published three books on Amazon.

Michael's core competencies include strategic partnerships, global operations, new agent business development, executive direction, sales and revenue optimization, organizational restructuring, international business acumen, sales and marketing expertise, analysis, strategy, and action plans, and brand and market advancement.

As an executive leader, Michael has a singular ability to apply his innovative vision and leadership to advance market position and share and grow revenue in a broad range of industries. He has over 25 years of inspiring and developing business, economic strengthening, P&L accountability, financial management experience, strategic planning success, and facilitating professional collaboration to foster solid relationships, communication, and event partnerships. Michael also has 15 years of consulting and executive coaching experience with small and large businesses, franchises, retail operations, and professional sports teams, including advising on ticket pricing, contracts, advertising strategies, and initiatives, staffing recruitment and retention, business development, and developing real estate agents to top producers.

Michael's specialties include new business development, global operations, maximizing sales and revenue, restructuring, revenue and profit growth, executive direction, strategic partnerships, sales, and marketing training, agent business development, strategic planning, coaching, and training.

Cynthia M. Eastwood


Cynthia is a highly experienced and esteemed real estate broker with over 16 years of experience in the industry. Throughout her career, she has held leadership positions with multiple brokerages and has successfully managed over 80 agents across three branch locations. Cynthia is known for her extensive knowledge, reliability, and trustworthiness, consistently driving business organizations toward continued growth and success.

Cynthia's core competencies include new business development, real estate broker management, sales management, revenue and market growth, restructuring, new business direction, growth initiatives, product launches, P&L accountability, membership sales, multi-retail operations, and HR and staffing for day/med spas.

As an accomplished executive with 25+ years of experience, Cynthia has led all facets of operations for companies, expanding into domestic markets, generating revenue, and achieving organizational goals. She has a proven track record of effectively managing annual budgets and P&L for organizations with revenue over a quarter billion. Cynthia is a fact-based decision-maker with a hands-on process style, creating high-performance, motivated teams, and rallying people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets around common goals and strategies to exceed client expectations.

Cynthia's specialties include being a real estate broker, new business development, contracts, training coach, maximizing sales and revenue, restructuring, revenue, and profit growth, training and development, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing, and strategic planning.

Overall, Cynthia's extensive experience and expertise make her a valuable asset in the real estate industry. With her strong leadership skills and proven track record, she is dedicated to driving business organizations toward continued growth and success.