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Michael D. Eastwood

Chief Executive Officer

A Dynamic Business Leader Driving Success Across Industries

Michael, an eminent figure in the realm of business leadership, brings to the table an expansive tapestry of expertise garnered from an array of sectors. His journey, marked by a storied career in realms as varied as manufacturing, realty, logistics, civic business forums, hospitality venues, wellness retreats, and distribution networks, stretches across both domestic frontiers and international horizons. As an author whose insights have been codified in print, a seasoned executive, and a steward of numerous corporate boards, Michael's proficiency in fostering business growth is unparalleled.

His illustrious career is punctuated by his adeptness at navigating businesses, from fledgling enterprises to behemoths with annual revenues surging past the quarter-billion-dollar mark, towards a trajectory of success. This knack for transformation has solidified his standing as a trusted figure and lauded entity in the corporate domain.

Though he doesn't carry the mantle of a licensed realty broker, Michael's strategic participation in corporate governance ensures that local commercial leaders receive robust advocacy, thereby infusing the marketplace with integrity and augmented value. His contribution to the literary world is not insignificant, having penned six volumes, including a business tome that stands as a paragon, securing the seventh rank among the top 100 business publications of all time as per Goodreads.

Michael's strategic foresight spans an eclectic mix of corporate stratagems, encompassing the cultivation of alliances, stewardship of global ventures, ignition of new business initiatives, executive leadership, amplification of sales and profit, orchestration of corporate metamorphosis, showcasing of international commercial savvy, mastery of sales and promotional tactics, execution of comprehensive analyses, formulation of potent strategies and actionable blueprints, and the propulsion of brand and market evolution.

In his capacity as a visionary executive, Michael's acumen for injecting innovative perspectives and leadership prowess has significantly uplifted market standings, broadened market reach, and augmented revenue streams across diverse sectors. With a foundation of over two and a half decades in the field, he has been instrumental in invigorating businesses, bolstering economies, overseeing profit and loss, managing fiscal matters, hitting strategic milestones, and fostering synergies to cement robust affiliations, enhance communication, and initiate lucrative event collaborations. Moreover, his consultancy and executive coaching tenure, spanning 15 years, has provided invaluable insights to a broad spectrum of entities, including franchises, retail ventures, and athletic organizations. His advisory purview encompasses pricing strategies, contractual discussions, promotional endeavors, talent acquisition and retention, business expansion, and the transformation of realty agents into industry leaders.

Michael's domain expertise is broad, focusing on the genesis of new ventures, management of international operations, elevation of sales and earnings, organizational growth restructuring, profit and revenue enhancement, executive leadership provision, alliance formation, comprehensive sales and marketing instruction, agent business growth, strategic planning, mentorship, and training. Certified as a Master personal coach, Michael's profound acumen and demonstrated success record position him as an indispensable engine of growth, profitability, and triumph in any commercial venture.

Cynthia M. Eastwood


A Highly Experienced and Respected Real Estate Broker Driving Growth and Success

In the bustling world of real estate, Cynthia stands out as a beacon of expertise and leadership. With over 18 years of experience, she's not just a broker; she's a trailblazer who's steered the ship at multiple brokerages, leading a team of more than 80 agents across three branches. Known for her sharp insight, reliability, and rock-solid integrity, Cynthia has a knack for driving businesses forward, achieving remarkable success along the way.

Cynthia's skill set is as diverse as it is impressive. She's a whiz at starting new businesses, managing real estate operations with finesse, and leading sales teams to new heights. Her knack for boosting revenue and market share, alongside strategic thinking and the ability to kickstart new initiatives, has made her a pivotal figure in the industry. Whether it's launching new products, managing budgets, or navigating the complexities of HR and staffing in the wellness and retail sectors, Cynthia handles it all with unmatched proficiency.

Boasting more than 25 years at the executive level, Cynthia's leadership has expanded companies' reach, significantly increased earnings, and helped achieve their overarching goals. She's a pro at budget and profit and loss management for companies bringing in over a quarter billion dollars in revenue. Her decision-making is based on solid facts, and her hands-on approach to leadership inspires high performance and motivation among her teams. Cynthia's ability to unite diverse groups toward common goals consistently exceeds expectations.

Cynthia's areas of expertise are broad, covering everything from real estate brokerage to the genesis of new ventures, contract negotiation, coaching, and beyond. She excels in driving sales, implementing strategic changes, and fostering revenue and profit growth. Her role in training and development, forming strategic partnerships, and leveraging sales and marketing strategies are testament to her comprehensive understanding of the business world.

In summary, Cynthia's vast experience and exceptional skill set make her an invaluable asset in the real estate industry. Her strong leadership and proven track record of growth and success demonstrate her commitment to taking businesses to new heights. In 2004 Cynthia was elected as Vice President of PAR.